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Express as an Expression

Many businesses seem to be fond of using the word ‘express’ in their name. I’ll admit that if I’m in a hurry and standing between two dry cleaning stores, one called Dry Cleaning… Continue reading

Definitions of Words in Your 20s vs 30s

Many words seem to have different definitions depending on whether you are in your 20s, 30s or even older. 10pm To someone in their 20s: Still too early to be fashionably late To… Continue reading

Existing While Female

Despite the advances society has made, it’s still not possible to entirely avoid going outside. And going outside generally involves being visible to other people. Which is fine unless you are one of… Continue reading

Is it Time for All-Female Aircraft Sections?

Living in the Middle East I’ve noticed that there are many spaces that allow women the opportunity to be in an all-female environment including public transportation, hair dressers and on certain days of… Continue reading

Losing the Battle Against Adulthood

Do you ever find yourself wondering when you became an adult? According to the law that happens when you turn 18 or 21, but it’s not like a switch suddenly flips in your… Continue reading

The Sickly Concept of Medical Certificates

It’s rare for me to voluntarily visit a doctor’s office unless one of my limbs is not quite intact. However, with my current job I am required to provide a medical certificate to… Continue reading

Why Key Chains are a Terrible Souvenir

I love getting gifts from other people’s travels. I really do. The trouble is that, more often than not, these gifts are key chains. I don’t know how many keys the average person… Continue reading

The Trouble with Being a Writer

Most people who aren’t accountants don’t think they are. Most people who aren’t architects don’t think they are. In fact, the same can be said of most professions. Somehow though, people who are… Continue reading

Why Chain Letters Are Created

Chain letters have been a nuisance to society for years. I can understand the rationale behind passing them on. Gullible people don’t have much to lose, aside from perhaps a few minutes of… Continue reading

Everything Will be Alright and Other Commonly Told Lies

Most of us avoid telling lies are far as possible. However, there are some situations in which almost all of us end up lying, even though we might not mean to. I’m referring… Continue reading

The International Armrest Agreement

For years I’ve wondered about who is entitled to the armrest when sitting next to a stranger in an aeroplane or a movie theatre.  Should it be shared? Does it go to the… Continue reading

Death of a Sales Technique

I can’t help but admire the persistence of door to door salespeople. Granted I prefer to admire their persistence from behind a closed door. There are no limits to the products they try… Continue reading