Advice is free. That’s why everyone is giving it away


Everybody receives unsolicited advice. Perhaps it’s from a friend telling you about where to find the city’s best Wagyu beef, even though you just told him you were a vegetarian. Or maybe it’s from a pharmacist keen to talk about weight loss pills although you are visibly underweight. By sharing links to this very blog I’ve set myself up for more unsolicited advice. Some people are more than happy to tell me what my blog should be about.

“I got injured. You can write about it in your blog.” If you got injured while using safety equipment we might have the makings of a humorous post. Detailed descriptions of pus are unlikely to make it into one of my posts. I want to forget about that conversation, not tell hundreds of people about it.

“You tend to travel a lot. Why don’t you post pictures of your travels on your blog instead?” If you want to see pictures of Bali, try Google. Read my posts if you want to hear about airline staff who ask me if I’m 7 months pregnant (at best I look 1 month pregnant after gorging at a buffet).

“Write about things that inspire others. That’s what I want to see.” Fortunately most bookstores feature motivational books so I think I’m off the hook for this one too. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s wonderful to inspire others. Well inspire people to do good that is. I certainly don’t want to inspire anybody to blow up buildings or robs banks.

Nonetheless I do appreciate all the (solicited and unsolicited) advice I have received. I wouldn’t have been able to write this post without your help.