Common Sense is Often Shafted at Elevators


Why is it that when some people see that an elevator button is already pressed, they feel the need to press it again? Do they think their fingers posses a magical touch? Or do they think that none of the other people waiting for the elevator thought about pressing it? We were all just standing there clueless about how we would go downstairs until you came along. I always watch these people for their reactions when the next person comes along and presses an already pressed button.

And then there are people who feel the need to repeatedly press the button. It’s usually done by people are in a hurry. People who are not in enough of a hurry to run up the stairs, but who are in enough of a hurry to forget how an elevator actually works. The real trouble with these people is that they hog the button, not allowing individuals with the magical touch to do their job.

However, the people who confuse me the most are the ones who press the up and down buttons at one go.  I’ll admit there are circumstances where it makes sense. If you are being chased by a bear your concern is going to be getting off that floor as quickly as possible, rather than which direction you go in. That being said, waiting for an elevator just gives the bear more time to catch up with you.

As a child I believed that only people who lived in buildings knew how to use elevators. As an adult I’ve learned that even those who live in buildings are not necessarily adept at using elevators.