First World Travel Problems


Vacation is possibly the nicest word in the English language. Okay, it’s a nice word when it comes to your own vacation, but perhaps a little less pleasant when your colleague wants to go on vacation and you are stuck doing his work too.

While it is challenging not to feel a twinge a jealousy while looking through Facebook pictures of your friends sipping Mai Tais in a hammock on a beautiful beach in Phuket, sometimes it helps to remember that holiday makers face their own unique blend of problems, also known as #firstworldtravelproblems

1. Aeroplane Travel – As soon as you think you have gotten 3 seats to yourself on the aircraft, 2 people will come sit next to you. There is a good chance they are the 2 most obese people you have ever seen.

2. Packing – As soon as you finish packing your bursting suitcase, you find about 10 other things which you just have to have. There is a good chance some of these things will weigh as much as a laser printer.

3. Relaxing – The moment you spot a hammock with the right mix of shade and sun, someone else will climb into it. There is a good chance they will have food delivered to them there and not leave for hours.

4. Dining – The only restaurants in the vicinity will have menus in a foreign language and staff who do not speak English. There is a good chance that you will have ordered the spiciest item on the menu.

5. Picture Taking – Just when you compose the perfect shot, about 7 tourists will enter your frame and not budge. There is a good chance that they will be obese men wearing speedos.