The Traveller Quiz


When on vacation you meet different types of travellers, some who you keep talking to and some who you keep talking about. Take this quiz and find out which kind of traveller you are.

1. The receptionist at the hotel is in the process of checking you in. You say
A. Give me the best room. No, all superior rooms cannot be the same. I am sure one is nicer.
B. Do you happen to have the Wi-Fi password?
C. Free apples? Score!

2. You are on an aeroplane, about to take off. Do you
A. Place your foot on the armrest adjacent to the seat in front of you
B. Put on your headphones and stick to yourself
C. Strike up a conversation with the person next to you and end up with a life long friend

3. You are ordering food at a restaurant where you do not speak the same language as the staff. Do you
A. Talk louder. Speaking loudly helps foreigners understand
B. Use the translation app on your phone or your limited knowledge of the local language
C. Ask nearby people for help and hang out with them for the rest of your trip

4. Somebody tells you there are baby crocodiles in the nearby river. You are most likely to
A. Toss a cat in to see if it gets eaten
B. Laugh and tell them the water is too shallow for crocodiles
C. Jump into a kayak with your camera to get pictures

5. You are in the mood for a drink while travelling on a budget airline. Do you
A. Open the bottle you bought at duty-free and ignore the cabin crew member who is asking you to put it away
B. Purchase a drink from the drinks trolley
C. Start up a conversation with a friendly group of people and take turns buying rounds

6. Your flight has been delayed and you are probably not going to make it in time for Christmas dinner with your family. Do you
A. Repeatedly ask the crew to do something because it is not fair that you should miss out on those delicious potatoes
B. Read your book and wait for updates
C. Tweet about the person who is whining about Christmas potatoes

7. You are staying at a lodge in the middle of a forest and can hear frogs croaking. Do you
A. Ask the manager to get rid of the frogs. They are making it hard for you to concentrate on watching television
B. Ignore the frogs
C. Pick up your guitar and start playing your newly composed song, ‘Why does the frog croak?’

8. You are in China for a day. Where do you go for lunch?
A. McDonald’s. A friend of a friend warned you that Chinese people only eat cockroaches
B. A quaint local restaurant that someone at your hotel suggested
C. The home of a friendly Chinese person who wants to improve their English

9. You meet a traveller from India. You say
A. Do you know my friend Raj?
B. I would love to go there some day
C. I’m going there in 2 weeks. We should meet for a samosa

10. You are flying home and a flight attendant asks if you would like some apple juice. You say
A. Does it contain beef?
B. Yes please
C. Good to see you again. That was a fun party last night, wasn’t it?

If you mainly answered A
You are the sort of traveller who entertains everyone around you, though you might not be aware of it. You are also a reason why people have funny travel stories.

If you mainly answered B
You are the sort of traveller who doesn’t want to inconvenience other people. Well, maybe you wouldn’t mind inconveniencing people from category A.

If you mainly answered C
You are a social traveller who loves to do things out of the ordinary. You probably have friends in every place you have ever been to.