If You Remember These Gadgets, Your Childhood is Probably Over

Age is a nasty habit of sneaking up on you. One moment you are wondering if grade 7 will ever end and the next moment you can’t believe that people 10 years younger than you are now in university.

As time has gone by, technology has evolved and we now live in the ‘I have an app for that’ era. All that’s left is pictures of the past. Speaking of pictures…


1. Film roll – 8 year olds will no longer feel proud about mastering how to load film into a camera

rotary-phone2. Rotary telephone – Children no longer have the pleasure of visiting their grandparents to play with the most fun toy ever (apologies to all the people I accidentally dialed while playing).

atari_joystick3. Atari Joystick – Figuring out video game combo moves is no longer easy now that joysticks have over 10 buttons.


4. 5.25″ Floppy Disks – Nobody has to worry a smidgen of dust destroying their data.

rabbit-ears5. TV antennae – Watching television no longer entails lying upside down with your left leg in the air (unless you find that comfortable).

multi-point-pencils6. Multipoint pencils – Modern day stationery shopping is more about paper for your printer than the coolest pencil in the classroom.

SUSPENDERS7. Suspenders – People born after 1995 will likely live their whole lives without seeing these worn outside of a retro party.