Dubai: The City of… Cities?


Many of the newer regions in Dubai have the word ‘city’ attached to them. Personally I’m not sure if the person naming these places truly understands the definition of the word ‘city’. Or the monotony of repitition. I’ll admit there was a point when I thought the name ‘Dubai Internet City’ sounded quaint, but after the additions of Media City, Healthcare City, Motor City, Sports City, Studio City, Academic City, Maritime City (need I go on?) I began to tire of this naming convention.

I see the merit in gathering the same kinds of businesses in one area and then naming it accordingly, but that being said I’m not so sure about what makes International City so international. As far as I can see naming buildings after countries has not actually had an effect on who lives there. I’d be surprised if there is even one French person in International City’s France. At best it is home to a few of people who like croissants.

Sometimes, the people naming Dubai do like to think ever so slightly outside the box. And thus we have places like Knowledge Village,  Jumeirah Village and Old Town (which is ironically new). And when they are feeling really creative we get places like Madinat Jumeirah (Madinat is the Arabic word for city). I wonder if city planners will ever dream bigger and start calling places ‘Oil & Gas Province’ or ‘Agriculture Country’.