The Atkins diet is no piece of cake


I thought the Atkins diet was finally dying out but lately I’ve seen a quite a few restaurants offer to serve burgers wrapped in lettuce rather than a bun. I wish people would clue in that this diet makes no sense. I understand appeal of a diet that lets you eat as much steak, bacon and cream as you like. But these foods do not taste as good without carbs. What good is it being able to eat buckets of jam without a bagel? And don’t even get me started on Bolognese sauce without spaghetti.

As much as I dislike fad diets, I’m a sucker for trying new foods. Back when McDonald’s launched protein platters I found myself ordering one. You would think the lack of pictures of this item was enough of a clue to avoid it. Or at the very least, a reason to ask what it was. I was mortified to discover that a protein platter was the contents of a burger (except for the bun) neatly laid out, for a higher price than an actual burger. No wonder this menu item didn’t last long.