7 Problems That Appear Unsolvable

The older I get, the more I realise that if you look hard enough or put a little more effort, you will find a solution to almost any problem. You do eventually learn how to do grown up things like budget money, clean a mirror and lose your keys less than once a month. That being said, there are some problems that just don’t seem to have solutions.


1. Missing socks. You can turn your house upside down but you are not going to find that missing sock.

2. Eating enough vegetables to please your mother. You could consume 30 plates of broccoli in one sitting and she would still say you need to learn to eat healthy.

3. Frizzy hair. No matter how strong this year’s hair products claim to be, they are no match for the humidity that Mother Nature likes to impose upon us.

4. Getting good customer service from your telecom provider. It does not matter if you are super nice or if you threaten to sue them. You will still end your phone call wishing you could throw your phone at them.

5. Flat beer. Adding Coke or more beer does not somehow bring flat beer back to life.

6. Broken Zippers. No matter how hard you try, you are not going to get that zipper to function again.

7. Being clawed by cats in the same room. You can feed a cat, give it catnip and even it spoil it rotten with toys, but you still cannot guarantee going home scratch-free.