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Are You a Hipster? Do People Think You Are?

1. Do hipsters wear Converse shoes? A. Probably B. Of course not. They’re too mainstream. 2. Rider and Hunter are… A. Someone who is riding a mode of transportation and someone who hunts… Continue reading

10 Questions East Asians are Tired of

East Asia is made up of a diverse group of countries and cultures. But there is something that unites them aside from geography, and that is ridiculous stereotypes. And as long as people… Continue reading

Survival Tips for a Male Dominated Workspace

Theoretically it should not matter if your workplace has more men than women, but speaking as someone who has been the only female employee at an organisation, I can safely say that this… Continue reading

20 Questions Indian People are Tired of Hearing

People of every culture have to deal with annoying stereotypes. Unfortunately for Indians, the popularity of Bollywood has made Indian stereotypes incredibly famous. That being said, as long as people continue to ask… Continue reading

How to be Australian in 10 Easy Steps

Ask someone in the Northern hemisphere to act Australian and they will probably say something along the lines of “G’day mate! Let’s stick some shrimp on the barbie”. Ask someone in Australia if… Continue reading