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Are You a Hipster? Do People Think You Are?

1. Do hipsters wear Converse shoes? A. Probably B. Of course not. They’re too mainstream. 2. Rider and Hunter are… A. Someone who is riding a mode of transportation and someone who hunts… Continue reading

Can You Pass as an Honorary Filipino?

While most countries export goods, the biggest export from the Philippines seems to be people. There are Filipino communities all over the world, small in some places and large in others. And thanks… Continue reading

Are You an Adult? Take the Quiz

Are you unsure if you qualify as an adult? Take this simple quiz and find out. 1. You look at a restaurant menu and see that burgers cost $15. How do you react?… Continue reading

The Traveller Quiz

When on vacation you meet different types of travellers, some who you keep talking to and some who you keep talking about. Take this quiz and find out which kind of traveller you… Continue reading