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You Know it is Ramadan in Dubai When…

Ramadan, the Muslim holy month, results in devout followers not consuming food or water from sunrise to sunset. In most countries people who are not Muslim are rarely aware when it’s Ramadan until… Continue reading

Conversations are Not Inflight Entertainment

People fly a lot more than they used to. While it’s great that more people have the opportunity to travel, the downside is that flights are more full. It seems to be getting… Continue reading

How to be Australian in 10 Easy Steps

Ask someone in the Northern hemisphere to act Australian and they will probably say something along the lines of “G’day mate! Let’s stick some shrimp on the barbie”. Ask someone in Australia if… Continue reading

Why Key Chains are a Terrible Souvenir

I love getting gifts from other people’s travels. I really do. The trouble is that, more often than not, these gifts are key chains. I don’t know how many keys the average person… Continue reading

5 Inventions the World Needs

I’ve heard people say they want to change the world but I rarely see anyone lift a finger, myself included. I remember going to school with people who wanted to focus on research… Continue reading

The 2 Hour Princess Experience

There are 3 ways for a girl to become a princess: 1. Be a royal descendant 2. Marry a prince 3. Find a butler cafe in Japan Since I’m a little late for… Continue reading

Japanese Toilets for Dummies

While some developed nations focus on building bigger TVs or more energy-efficient vehicles, Japan has taken great strides in developing something that is useful to everyone: Toilets. Japan will forever hold a special… Continue reading

Phone Conversations in the Texting Era

Many people seem to lament the decline of phone conversations in the present era of texting. I for one am glad that SMS, Whatsapp and BBM have killed phone conversations, mainly because I… Continue reading

Read This Before You Get a Gym Membership

We’ve all seen newspaper articles about the importance of exercising 3 times a week. Some of us have felt guilty for eating a doughnut while reading the article and decided to get healthier.… Continue reading

7 Problems That Appear Unsolvable

The older I get, the more I realise that if you look hard enough or put a little more effort, you will find a solution to almost any problem. You do eventually learn… Continue reading

6 Things That Baffle Us Non-Americans

Every society has their own way of doing things. When you belong to that society you might regard these ideas as normal. It’s usually the outsiders who notice the idiosyncracies of another place.… Continue reading

Tales of a Traveller Named Mohammed

Over the past year I’ve had several people tell me that a disproportionate amount of crazy things happen to me. I’ve even had a few people say that the universe puts me in… Continue reading