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The Sickly Concept of Medical Certificates

It’s rare for me to voluntarily visit a doctor’s office unless one of my limbs is not quite intact. However, with my current job I am required to provide a medical certificate to… Continue reading

15 Things You Will Never Hear a Drunk Person Say

15 things you will never hear a drunk person say. And 15 things they are more likely to say. 1. What they won’t say: I think this selfie will look better if I put down… Continue reading

15 Things to Say to Your Server to Make Your Dining Experience More Interesting

1. Is there anything yellow in the food? I’m allergic to yellow. 2. I did not order the gratuity. Why are you charging me for it? 3. Is your lamb made with meat? 4. It says… Continue reading

Dubai’s Unofficial Driving Rules

It’s been a while since I got my driver’s license. Evidently the official driving rules I was taught no longer seem to matter. Based on months of observation here are the unofficial driving rules of… Continue reading

Top 10 Hardest Things to do After a Vacation

The trouble with vacations is that they end. Once easy tasks become especially challenging after a vacation. Here are 10 of the hardest things to do after a vacation. 1. Checking your email.… Continue reading

10 New Year’s Resolutions That Require Little Effort

Few new year’s resolutions last long. By January 8 most of us are already stuffing our faces with chocolate pudding while fitness instructors are thrilled about how much extra money they have made through no-show clients.… Continue reading

You Know You’ve Been Around Americans Too Long When…

1. You are not disgusted by the thought of drinking neon blue or green soft drinks 2. You don’t question why people can own guns at 18 but can’t consume alcohol till they are… Continue reading

10 Signs You Have a Non-Christian Background

When you don’t grow up in a household of Christians (or lapsed Christians) it becomes apparent from a young age that you don’t belong to mainstream society. Here are 10 signs you don’t… Continue reading

Don’t Tell Kids to Finish the Contents of Their Plate

I grew up in a household where wasting food was akin to murdering puppies. My mother would inspect my plate before I was allowed to put it in the sink. She would always… Continue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Add People on Facebook or Take High School Math

Some people add everybody they meet on Facebook. Some people are very selective about who they add. I generally accept requests from people I remember meeting. Yes even from the guy who sat… Continue reading

Nighttime Thoughts of an Insomniac

For the longest time I was unacquainted with insomnia. If anything I had the exact opposite problem. Going to a movie theatre was as good as curling up in bed, regardless of how… Continue reading

The Foreigner’s Guide to Japan

Japan offers tourists a delightful mix of traditional, modern and strange. Yes, strange. Expect to find everything from ear wax cleansing cafes to signs that state you must offer your seat to an… Continue reading