Free and Creative Business Ideas

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to help complete strangers. Despite what television and comic books suggest, the world isn’t filled with old ladies waiting to cross streets and cats stuck in trees. So I’ve decided to focus my efforts on helping people come up with business ideas. All the ideas I’m suggesting here are free for you to use. You don’t need to give me credit (or a cut of the profits) but I’m not opposed to a free session/piece of merchandise.

Business idea 1 – Adult only playgrounds and ball pits.
Playgrounds are fun but they have a lot of children in them. And people start to stare if you get on a merry-go-round full of kids without being accompanied by one of your own.

Business idea 2 – Shoe tailoring
If your clothes don’t fit right, a tailor will alter them. If you shoes don’t fit right, tough luck. As anybody with wide or flat feet will attest, there is no limit to how much we will pay for a pair of shoes that fits us properly.

Business idea 3 – Bubble wrap re- inflator
Popping bubble wrap is a great stress reliever. But after you pop that last one, you’re always yearning for more. What if you could always carry a small piece of bubble wrap in your pocket (along with a re-inflator)?

Business idea 4 – The ‘food split’ app
I like to cook with spices. But spices often tend to come in large quantities. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if my roommates from 10 years ago still have some of the turmeric we bought together. How great would it be to have a tinder style app that matches you with nearby people who want to split non-perishable food?

Business idea 5 – Hourly puppy rentals
Spending time with puppies is therapeutic. But not everyone is able to make that 17-year commitment. Now I know what you are thinking. There’s a lot of evil people who might abuse these puppies. That’s why all puppy rentals are onsite only and under supervision.