New Year’s Resolutions That Are Easy to Keep


Each year most of us make New Year’s resolutions that we struggle to keep. And usually by the first week of February (or in some cases third day of January) we realise how unrealistic our resolutions were. Perhaps it’s time to trade in those impractical resolutions for more viable ones.

1 Eat healthy
Ask for extra lettuce each time you order a Big Mac

2 Lose weight
Stop buying clothes in a smaller size in hopes of losing weight

3 Stop smoking
Switch to a more economical brand of cigarettes

4 Drink more water
Use water as a chaser when doing shots

5 Pay off credit card debt
Don’t get yet another credit card, just because it’s free

6 Read more
Read something besides YouTube comments

7 Watch less TV
Remember to shower when binge watching 4 seasons of Game of Thrones