Are You a Hipster? Do People Think You Are?


1. Do hipsters wear Converse shoes?

A. Probably

B. Of course not. They’re too mainstream.

2. Rider and Hunter are…

A. Someone who is riding a mode of transportation and someone who hunts animals.

B. What I plan to name my kids

3. What is a worse insult?

A. You’re a douchebag

B. You’re so un-ironic

4. Would you rather eat spinach or kale?

A. Spinach

B. Kale with a side of quinoa. It’s amazing that so few people know how to pronounce quinoa properly.

5. Would you wear glasses if you didn’t need them?

A. No

B. Only if they look vintage

6. Do you prefer the American or British version of The Office?

A. American/I’ve never seen that show

B. British humour is far superior

7. If you ever opened up a café would you serve French fries?

A. Sure why not

B. They would have to be truffle fries topped with flakes of Parmesan and oregano hummus dip

8. Would you wear a T-shirt that says ‘I hate hipsters’?

A. No

B. Yes, because I’m really not one of them

If you answered mostly As
You’re not a hipster. But you probably already knew that.

If you answered mostly Bs
You’re often mistaken for a hipster but in your heart you know that isn’t true.

If you answered mostly Cs
You knew it would be far more ‘ironic’ to not choose answers from the list. Congratulations you are a hipster.