Deep-Fried Heart Attack – A Scottish Delicacy

Every country has its own cuisine. When that food is good, it crosses borders and that’s possibly why you find Indian and Chinese restaurants everywhere (okay, perhaps immigration is a factor too). But usually, if a cuisine isn’t appealing to too many people, it does not find its way to other countries.

Now I’ve been to more than my fair share of countries and I’ve never seen a Scottish restaurant. Not even in the nearby city of London, a place where foods from as far as Peru and Korea were common. But as usual I decided to forgo common sense and seek out authentic local food.

To most people Scottish food is haggis (a sheep’s stomach stuffed with its organs) and black pudding. Now this pudding is not actually pudding. Instead of being made with sugar, it’s made with animal blood. I have a sneaking suspicion they call it pudding just to trick children into eating it. Aside from trying these infamous foods, I tried the other thing Scotland is known for: deep-fried everything.


The nation of Scotland somehow decided that pizza was not unhealthy enough and offered deep-fried pizza at just about every corner. And no, it’s not sinfully good… unless you’re the sort who likes to eat stale, deep-fried baguettes. And then there were the oh-so-famous deep-fried Mars bars. I’ll concede that these were significantly better than the pizza… but it’s hard to enjoy something that tastes of heart attack. And then there was the most Scottish food anyone could possible imagine: deep-fried haggis.