10 Questions East Asians are Tired of

East Asia is made up of a diverse group of countries and cultures. But there is something that unites them aside from geography, and that is ridiculous stereotypes. And as long as people continue to ask stupid questions, they can expect to receive stupid responses.

1. Have you eaten any of your pets?
Yes, we ate our family pig Hamlet. We called him Ham for short.

2. Yeah, but don’t people eat dogs in your country?
Yup McWoof is actually more popular than Big Macs.

3. Why are your eyes like that?
So that it’s harder to aim for idiots who ask me these questions.

4. What’s your real Asian name?
Yu Arr Ano Ying. Try saying it while looking in a mirror.

5. Wow that’s so cool that you’re from Korea. That’s near Thailand right?
Did they burn all the world maps in your country?

6. So if you can read Chinese, you can read Japanese too right?
Yup, they are really similar languages. Just like English and Greek.

7. Can you tell where other Asians are from?
No, my eyes are too small.

8. Do you know kung fu?
Yes, in fact Asians come of the womb with black belts.

9. How come all Asians are good at math?
We don’t have a choice. They haven’t invented calculators in Asia.

10. Is everything in China fake?
Yes, apart from the dog meat in a McWoof.

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