The People You Meet in Advertising


Tell anybody you work in advertising and they will ask you about the glamorous and eccentric people you work with. Sure the people we work with are more likely to have brightly coloured hair or only wear Converse shoes, but then there are these people…

The creative director who makes Kanye West appear diplomatic

Plus Kanye’s ego is probably a little smaller because he’s never won anything at Cannes.

The copywriter who thinks big words = better writing

You know, the guy who would have phrased Nike’s ‘Just do it’ as ‘engage in resplendent behaviour’.

The account director whose favourite words are β€˜It was his fault!’

Then again, can anything be your fault if you don’t do anything?

The art director who believes an idea cannot be good unless it came from them

The person who makes you question whether you are supposed to please the client or the art director.

The account executive who thinks staring at your screen while you work is somehow helpful

In fact, staring at your screen sometimes gives them magical art direction abilities.

The managing director who thinks it takes an average of 3.6 seconds to come up with a good idea

Yet, they want to you to work overtime.

The HR manager who says public holidays don’t apply to people in advertising

If they had it their way this whole concept of sleeping for 8 hours would also be done away with.