Can You Pass as an Honorary Filipino?


While most countries export goods, the biggest export from the Philippines seems to be people. There are Filipino communities all over the world, small in some places and large in others. And thanks to their open and accepting culture it’s not hard to make friends with them. But can you pass as one of them?

1. How do you feel about Jollibee?
A. It’s just another fastfood place like McDonald’s or Wendy’s
B. I would climb Mount Everest on a broken leg while wearing nothing more than a t-shirt for a burger from Jollibee

2. How do you pronounce the word ‘ate’?
A. It sounds like 8
B. Ateh. If you say atay you sound like a FilAm

3. What do you think of Manny Pacquiao?
A. He’s a great boxer
B. Pacman is a legend and it should be a national holiday every time he fights. The only thing I love more than him is Jollibee spaghetti

4. Would you eat ice cream mixed with beans?
A. Why would anybody ruin perfectly good ice cream with beans?
B. The only thing better than halo halo is Jollibee spaghetti followed by halo halo!

5. How do you feel about karaoke?
A. I suppose I don’t mind it every now and then
B. What else do people do every day from 8-10pm besides sing karaoke?

6. What does CR stand for?
A. Costa Rica? China Railway? Casino Royale?
B. Comfort Room of course…. you know what Americans call rest room

7. When is the best time to eat rice?
A. Lunch or dinner
B. It is ALWAYS time for rice. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack time. In fact it goes great with Jollibee chickenjoy

8. Do you understand what people mean when they talk about the ber months?
A. Is ber beer with a Filipino accent?
B. September – December. Those are the months that everybody seems to expect a Christmas gift

9. What is a balikabayan box?
A. A box filled with balikabayans
B. OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) often have families who keep asking for foreign stuff and sometimes the only way to make them happy is to send them a giant box of stuff

10. How do you react when a restaurant host calls you sir-ma’am?
A. It’s strange that he called me sir and ma’am at the same time
B. Pare! Looking for sarap food. Is there Jollibee nearby?

If you mostly answered A
You will need to spend more time around Filipinos if you want to pass as an honorary Pinoy

If you mostly answered B
If you aren’t already Filipino go ahead and apply for your passport. You’ve earned it. But make sure you carry snacks because you know how long the wait at the consulate is…