You Know You Live in Dubai When…


  1. You associate Friday brunch with drunken British expats rather than eggs and toast
  2. The cost of petrol is less than the cost of using the metro
  3. You see more cranes than trees
  4. You would rather hit yourself in the face than drive to the neighbouring city of Sharjah
  5. It is possible to buy gold from an ATM machine
  6. You use umbrellas for shelter from the sun rather than rain
  7. You know that while ‘inshallah’ literally translates to ‘god willing’, it actually means no
  8. Storms mean sandstorms, not rainstorms or snowstorms
  9. You have seen women swimming at the beach, covered from head to toe in abayas
  10. There is no chance of taking a cold shower during summer
  11. The grocery store will deliver stuff worth $1 to your house
  12. You spend more time trying to get out of the Dubai Mall car park than you have actually spent in the mall
  13. Your phone auto corrects ‘habibi’ to ‘habit’
  14. You wear a sweater whenever the temperature dips below 25C
  15. You have multiple stories that begin with ‘I hate Etisalat/Du’ because there is no competition between telecom providers