Common Job Interview Questions in Dubai

Dubai, home to many nationalities, is also home to companies with equally diverse management styles. Some are undoubtedly more professional than others. Here are a few common interview questions you can expect from organisations who are less professional than an unsupervised 2 year old with marker and a white wall.


1. Why aren’t you married yet?
Recommended response: A fortune teller told me that my soulmate is currently working here. Please hire me so I can fulfil my destiny and finally meet him/her.

2. I don’t know what your work is like. Why don’t you work for free so I can see if I want to hire you?
Recommended response: You make a very good point. Let’s discuss this over lunch at the new Greek restaurant across the street. I’ve never tried their food before so let’s ask to eat it for free before we come back as paying customers.

3. I was pregnant with my second child by the time I was your age. Why are you so slow?
Recommended response: I am currently looking into methods for getting pregnant with a second child before having a first one.

4. I can offer you one third of the salary you are asking for. So you will take the position right?
Recommended response: If I only do one third of the work I am supposed to do, will you still want me to take the position?

5. You are terrible at what you do and your previous work experience does not count. So how about you start working here from next Sunday?
Recommended response: I can’t see myself working for a company that hires terrible workers.

Note: Recommended responses are intended for individuals who would rather have their sanity than income.