Top 10 Causes of Headaches


1. Telecom providers who assure you the problem will be fixed within 24 hours despite you having pointed out that they have been saying this to you for 2 weeks

2. Motorists who drive 30kmh below the speed limit on a single lane road when you are late for work

3. Children who can emit noises louder than an aircraft during take off

4. Mothers who exclaim how messy you are an average of 17 times an hour

5. Tylenol or Advil pills that do absolutely nothing for your stomach-ache or toothache

6. ATM cards that get swallowed by a machine overseas and mean attempting to get in touch with your bank that deserves an award for the world’s worst customer service

7. Managers who assign you work after the deadline and then simultaneously tell you that you work too slowly and that you should not rush an important job

8. Closed McDonald’s outlets when you are severely hung over

9. Songs performed by Barney the Dinosaur

10. Online forms being automatically reset after you spent an hour filling them, simply because you used the incorrect format in one field