You Know You Need a Vacation When…


1. The furthermost you’ve been from home all year was the last stop on the metro line

2. The last time you actually unzipped your suitcase was when you turned your house upside down looking for your keys

3. Eating at a McDonald’s outlet filled with 6-year-olds is your least chaotic memory of the month

4. You refuse to log in to Facebook because of all the beach vacation pictures in your newsfeed

5. You bump into the guy from the neighbourhood money exchange centre and he says he thought you moved away

6. Your bathing suit lies under a layer of dust

7. You would rather watch talk show host Jerry Springer and his guests fight about paternity test results than answer an after-hours phone call from your boss

8. Polar bears have spent more time on a beach than your sunglasses

9. You can’t tell the difference between a weekday and the weekend because you work every day

10. Your grandmother has been to Europe more recently than you