15 Things to Say to Your Server to Make Your Dining Experience More Interesting


1. Is there anything yellow in the food? I’m allergic to yellow.

2. I did not order the gratuity. Why are you charging me for it?

3. Is your lamb made with meat?

4. It says fat-free. That means the cheese sticks should be free.

5. What does your Pepsi taste like?

6. I’d like raw toast with my eggs. No bread.

7. Make sure that it’s crispy not crunchy.

8. I don’t like my ice cream served cold.

9. What ingredients do you use to make your rum and Coke?

10. I’d like half my steak well done and the other half rare.

11. You didn’t bring me any chopsticks to eat my pizza with…

12. Why do you serve baby corn and baby carrots but not baby cucumbers?

13. What do you do to your olive oil to make it extra virgin?

14. Can you bring me a straw for the ketchup bottle?

15. I’m allergic to potatoes so please make my French fries without them.