Top 10 Hardest Things to do After a Vacation


The trouble with vacations is that they end. Once easy tasks become especially challenging after a vacation. Here are 10 of the hardest things to do after a vacation.

1. Checking your email. Especially your work email. As badly as you may want to select every email and mark it as ‘read’ you know you will end up missing that one email about a mandatory training session.

2. Stepping on a weighing scale. Somehow it is possible to gain weight after spending 8 hours a day walking. Also, it turns out that delicious foreign food is packed with more calories than a Big Mac combo meal washed down with a Haagen Dasz milkshake.

3. Looking at vacation pictures without ruining productivity. Looking at a picture of a hammock by the beach or the Eiffel Tower by sunset will invariably lead to looking up airfares and accommodation.

4. Preparing your own breakfast. Instead of coming downstairs to a lovely assortment of food or even a quaint foreign supermarket you somehow have to not just make your own breakfast, but get to work on time too.

5. Waking up to an alarm clock. Even if you do rely on alarm clocks on vacation, chances are you are less inclined to fling them across the room if you are waking up early for sunrise kayaking tour.

6. Examining your finances. All that money you saved has disappeared. Just like your vacation.

7. Eating sensibly. It’s hard to justify cocktails for breakfast and deep-fried avocado for dinner in your own hometown, but even harder to give those practices up.

8. Commuting through rush hour. Unlike your vacation where you became accustomed to personal space and/or moving traffic.

9. Staring at a computer screen for 9 hours in a row. At least you get money in exchange for this one.

10. Listening to friends talk about upcoming vacations. It’ll be at least another 6 months before you save enough vacation days to travel again.