You Know You’ve Been Around Americans Too Long When…


1. You are not disgusted by the thought of drinking neon blue or green soft drinks

2. You don’t question why people can own guns at 18 but can’t consume alcohol till they are 21

3. You think it is normal to drive on a parkway and park in a drive way

4. You say African-Americans, Native Americans and Asian Americans, but not European Americans

5. You are willing to consume deep-fried butter on a stick

6. A foot is much longer than a footstep

7. You write (or type) color instead of colour

8. You don’t bat an eyelid at overseas Americans who tell you which state they are from, even though everyone else in the group has named countries

9. Ketchup counts as a vegetable

10. You use ‘bigger’ and ‘better’ interchangeably when it comes to houses, cars and food portions