Why You Shouldn’t Add People on Facebook or Take High School Math


Some people add everybody they meet on Facebook. Some people are very selective about who they add. I generally accept requests from people I remember meeting. Yes even from the guy who sat behind me for a month of high school calculus, even though we only spoke twice.  The first time he tapped me on the shoulder and I turned around to see a grinning 17-year-old boy with a cockroach crawling along the palm of his hand.

“Look what I found!”
“Isn’t it cute?”
“If by cute you mean gross”

2 weeks later he started another conversation with me.

“Hey can I borrow that book?”
“Sure when I’m done reading it”
“Cool. What’s the book called?”

2 weeks later I transferred to another class. No, not because of him but I won’t deny that was an added perk. Years later Facebook was invented and I received a friend request from him. Thinking he had outgrown his odd phase I accepted his request. While I look nothing like I did in high school, my Facebook picture made it easy for him to recognise me in public. So one day on the metro a random guy came up to me.

“Are you Anna?”
“Yes and you are?”
“Are you Anna Smith?”
“Yes and you are?”
“Are you Anna Smith who went to St. Patrick’s?”

(I’ve changed my name and high school because I wouldn’t put it past him to Google me)

He finally revealed his identity. Not wanting to share details about myself I steered the conversation to his sister.

“What is your sister up to?”
“She’s married with 3 kids. The oldest is 7”
“Wow she started a family really quickly”
“She got married right after high school”
“Oh that’s so sad she didn’t go to university. I remember her being really smart”
“It really doesn’t matter because the kids are cute”

I was no longer repulsed by the cockroaches he held, but instead by his attitude to women’s education. Luckily for me I never saw him again. Unluckily for me I was still on his Facebook friend list. And thus after all these years I received a creepy Facebook message telling me I get more beautiful every year. Maybe it’s time to be more selective about who I add on Facebook. Clearly strangers on social media aren’t the only strange ones.