4 Questions Every WordPress Blogger Asks Themselves


1. How do I get a hit from somebody located in China/Greenland/Iran?

There is just something horribly frustrating about seeing that empty white space for certain countries on your page views map. When your are just starting out you notice that most of the hits you get are from the country you are in (and if you don’t live in USA that is probably where you will get most of your other hits from). Slowly you will start to cover other spots on your map. For some reason there are going to be some countries you want hits from more badly than others. Possibly because the country has a huge land mass or because of its geographical location. For me the elusive country of the moment is Libya, so if anybody reading this knows anybody there, please send them a link. I don’t mind if they don’t read English or leave me a comment saying they hate my content, just as long as Libya is no longer white on my map.

2. Who are these random people following my blog?

Sometimes you find that you have new followers even though you don’t have corresponding page visits. I had 2 followers before my very first page visit. How exactly do these people follow you if they haven’t been to your site and clicked on the follow button? I did take the liberty of looking at blogs of some of these random followers and found that some of them belong to businesses, including escort services. I’ve yet to figure out how to stop specific people from following me.

3. What is up with people liking posts without reading them?

We’ve all been obsessive about stats at some point, something which makes it easy to notice Β people liking posts without it affecting your page views. Recently though I had the displeasure of being on the other side, in a manner of speaking. I returned to a blog I used to read a long time ago and liked a recent post (that I actually read). The next day I found a nasty comment on my blog from the owner of the other blog who accused me of not reading his blog. I ignored the comment and subsequently received another nasty comment the next day. By that point I realised he wasn’t going to leave me alone until IΒ proved to him that I had actually read his post. In case you are wondering I did (eventually) receive an apology.

4. Why would anybody use that search term?

New bloggers might not see too many crazy terms but seasoned bloggers can probably write a book (or blog post) on the terms people have used to end up on their site. Β You see everything from racists statements like ‘do filipinas pretend to be pregnant’ to confusing searches like ‘i just want to be your friend summary’. Then there are the people who are lucky they can consult Google for questions like ‘are you allowed to honk a car in dubai’ so that their friends don’t think they are a complete moron.

Bonus question: Should I Google how to get someone from Libya to visit my blog?