20 Questions Indian People are Tired of Hearing

People of every culture have to deal with annoying stereotypes. Unfortunately for Indians, the popularity of Bollywood has made Indian stereotypes incredibly famous. That being said, as long as people continue to ask Indians stupid questions, they will continue to receive stupid responses.


1. Can I come over to your house to eat butter chicken?
Sure, just swing by a restaurant and pick some up on your way over.

2. So are you going to have an arranged marriage?
As long as it is not to someone as ignorant as you.

3. How come you speak English so well?
How come you speak your national language so well?

4. So what’s the deal with the red dots on your forheads?
Green really doesn’t really work with our skin tone.

5. Do you pray to cows?
We spend as much time praying to cows as you spend praying to Pizza Hut.

6. Are you sure you don’t pray to cows?
We only pray to cows on Mondays. The rest of the week we pray to donkeys.

7. Why don’t you have a proper Indian accent?
Apu from the Simpsons had no time to give me lessons.

8. How many gods do you guys have?
I’m not sure… our cow population has significantly increased in the last few months.

9. Can you eat food that isn’t spicy?
No, that would anger the cows.

10. Is your uncle a snake charmer?
Yes and I will ask his snakes to swallow you whole if you ask me another dumb question.

11. Do you speak Hindu?
Actually I speak Christianity a little better.

12. So do you use skin whitening cream?
Yes and I eat it when I want to feel beautiful on the inside.

13. Why do Indian guys wear turbans on their heads?
It’s hard to find baseball caps in India.

14. Did you dream of being a Bollywood dancer?
Of course. In school we spent recess popping out from behind trees.

15. Will I get raped if I go to India?
Will I get fat if I go to America?

16. Do you speak Indian?
Just as well as you speak American.

17. Does your house smell like curry?
Only when we use our fish curry air freshner.

18. There is an Indian guy at my workplace called Sanjay. Do you know him?
Yes, we are going to have an arranged marriage on Thursday.

19. Aren’t all Indians vegetarian?
Yes, but don’t worry restaurants in India still sell chicken tikka masala for the sake of tourists.

20. I really want to go to an Indian wedding. Can I come to yours?
Okay, but you will need to learn how to properly pray to cows first.