You Know it is Ramadan in Dubai When…


Ramadan, the Muslim holy month, results in devout followers not consuming food or water from sunrise to sunset. In most countries people who are not Muslim are rarely aware when it’s Ramadan until of course they notice that their Muslim friends keep declining lunch invitations. However, if you are in Dubai, or any Muslim nation for that matter, you know it’s Ramadan when…

1. The entire city smells like biryani about 15 minutes before iftar time (iftar is the meal with which Muslims break their fast). Given how common this choice of meal is, it’s hard to believe that the Quran does not actually mention biryani.

2. Some men refuse to shake your hand and might try to avoid talking to you. Most men will actually continue to treat you the way they always did, but there will be those few men who will refuse to acknowlege your extended arm and leave you wondering if you should pretend you were just trying to push your hair back.

3. The gridlock traffic of the city will somehow disappear at iftar time. The nation’s busiest highways will temporarily stop being your worst nightmare.

4. Everyone in the vicinity will stare at you for taking a big bite out of your crepe because you  have somehow managed to forget that it is a fasting hour and you could get arrested for eating in public.

5. The Muslims in your office who struggle with fasting will be surrounded by others talking about water, playing Youtube clips of running water and even building a water bottle fort around their desk.