10 Ways to Annoy a Vegetarian

Due my close proximity with so many vegetarians I’ve learned that it is relatively easy to piss them off. Here are 10 simple ways.

(Disclaimer: Vegetarians are lot more comfortable with violence than you would  imagine)


1. Inquire if they are one of those vegetarians who eat chicken

2. Write them an essay on the importance of bacon

3. Ask if they mind you eating meat in front of them

4. Place an ‘I love lamb chops’ bumper sticker on their car

5. Ask them if they consider eating animal crackers an ethical dilemma

6. Throw them a surprise party at KFC

7. Insist that they do not get enough protein

8. Remind them that Hitler was a vegetarian

9. Apologise to them for not liking salad

10. Set them up with your butcher

Vegetarians are not the only group of people that are easily annoyed. Learn how to piss off a Canadian over here