4 Phases Every Blogger Experiences

Before my first post, I thought writing was all you needed to do to run a blog. Perhaps it is enough to run a blog, but it’s certainly not enough to run a successful blog. If you write more than 2 blog posts you will almost definitely enter phase 1.

Phase 1
It turns out it is no fun writing if there is nobody to read what you are saying. So you work on getting followers. You tell your friends. Some of them start reading your blog. Some of them wish they could have a conversation without you bringing up ‘that damn blog’. And others ask you about it regularly, but never actually read it.


Phase 2
Eventually you run out of friends to promote your blog to and you focus on finding strangers to read your work. Perhaps you start to follow other blogs and find like-minded bloggers. Or perhaps you leave links on random websites hoping people will click. You also learn that in order to get followers you need to be either patient or rich.

Phase 3
You start to miss having a life and put less time into promoting your blog. Sure enough you notice your readership drops. Your friends and acquaintances have no shortage of advice about how to solve that. There is no doubt that everyone provides you with contradictory advice.


Phase 4
You eventually give in and take someone’s advice.  I took the advice about starting a Twitter account and now offer condensed musings. Read or follow my Tweets on the right side of this page. And yes you are welcome to Tweet me about how ironic it is that I will have to go through the exact same marketing cycle for the new Twitter account.