Life Before Google


I went to school at a time when you needed encyclopedias to do research projects. You had to trust that the information hadn’t changed since the textbook was published. My social studies textbooks were more apt for modern history.

If I didn’t know how to spell a word, I had to look it up in a dictionary. This was certainly no easy task with words like pneumatic and gnawing. When my third grade teacher asked me to find out how to spell the word ‘sushi’ for our upcoming lesson, I claimed it was ‘suchi’. Apologies to anyone from that class who still spells it incorrectly.

When you heard a contest on the radio, you had to actually know the answer to win. Nowadays it feels like the contest is more about who can Google the answer the quickest. With Facebook contests you don’t even have to consult Google. You see the same answer repeated over and over again. And of course the one person who was silly enough to write something else.

Life before Google was simpler no doubt, but also a lot less idiot-friendly.