100 Happy Days Challenge – Cynic Edition

I’ve been inspired to participate the #100HappyDays challenge. This international social media experiment that challenges individuals to find something to be happy about for 100 days in a row. Learn more about it at 100happydays.com


Astonishingly, 71% of people fail at this challenge.Β  Personally I think even the most cynical person can find 100 things to be happy about. So for all you cynics who need help, here are 50 days worth of things to be happy about:

Day 1 – Received no Candy Crush requests due to forgetting Facebook password

Day 2 – Did not board a flight with screaming infants

Day 3 – Did not fall down stairs

Day 4 – Roommate asked if I was okay before pointing and laughing at me for falling down stairs

Day 5 – Cat only destroyed one shoelace

Day 6 – Chocolate pudding in the cafeteria was not expired for once

Day 7 – Dental floss did not get stuck between teeth

Day 8 – Phone battery lasted 10 minutes longer than usual

Day 9 – Missing Lego piece located with the help of stubbed toe

Day 10 – Managed to eat spicy Indian food without consuming more than 3 glasses of water

Day 11 – Bruises from falling down the stairs no longer visible

Day 12 – Took only 12 minutes to locate car keys this morning

Day 13 – Successfully avoided sitting on gum all day long

Day 14 – Roommate did not push me down stairs

Day 15 – Did not break bones when roommate pushed me down stairs

Day 16 – Did not smell a sweaty person all day long

Day 17 – Chinese restaurant delivery man came close to pronouncing name correctly after 2 years

Day 18 – Annoying person at work went on vacation

Day 19 – Avoided shaking hands with man who had cold

Day 20 – Did not spill hot coffee on lap

Day 21 – Creepy man followed someone else instead today

Day 22 – No freak thunderstorms while grocery shopping

Day 23 – Landed on feet when tripping over box roommate left next to stairs

Day 24 – Could not afford meat that was recalled due to e-coli

Day 25 – Realised I’m marginally luckier than Tom from Tom & Jerry

Day 26 – Carried umbrella and did not get drenched as usual while walking home with groceries

Day 27 – Solved mystery of missing watch when cleaning cat litter box

Day 28 – Successfully ate lunch without getting spaghetti stains on shirt

Day 29 – Roommate’s excuse for not paying rent was more creative than last month

Day 30 – Roommate did not eat my groceries

Day 31 – Annoying person from work did not bore me with vacation pictures

Day 32 – Funeral service got me out of boring staff party

Day 33 – Required only 1 Band-Aid after wrestling iPhone away from cat

Day 34 – Roommate did not attempt to trip me for over 10 days

Day 35 – Noticed fungus on bread before attempting to eat sandwich

Day 36 – Found pair of matching socks with no holes

Day 37 – Roommate did not try to trip me for 1 day

Day 38 – Sat next to (relatively) thin person on flight

Day 39 – Hotel Wi-Fi password worked (after nagging hotel staff for 2 hours)

Day 40 – Toddler at breakfast buffet spilled entire grape juice cup before passing my table

Day 41 – Headphones drowned out neighbouring passenger’s snores

Day 42 – Caught railing and narrowly missed falling down stairs

Day 43 – Saved money due to liquor store being closed

Day 44 – Successfully dodged annoying coworker at mall

Day 45 – Ate roommate’s lasagna instead of slaving over stove

Day 46 – Constipation cured thanks to roommate’s lasagna

Day 47 – Captured roommate tripping over cat and falling down stairs and posted video on YouTube

Day 48 – Restored iPhone to usable condition despite roommate’s attempt to destroy it

Day 49 – Ate delicious chocolate cake at work (cake was in honour of annoying person who was promoted and is now new boss)

Day 50 – Applied to job halfway across the world