How to Piss Off a Canadian


Rumour has it that Canadians are always polite and apologetic. Some might say Canadians will apologise to you for being in the way if you run over their foot with your car. In reality, you can easily piss off a Canadian in any of the following ways:

1. Ask for directions to a ski slope in the summer

2. Insist that he or she said a-boot and not about

3. Tell them the truth about how awful poutine tastes (poutine is gravy and cheese on top of fries and yes the cheese does curdle)

4. Say that Budweiser tastes better than any Canadian beer

5. Tell them you would love a copy of their favourite moose meat recipe

6. Inquire if their pet stores sell polar bear treats

7. Say you don’t care for Margaret Atwood’s writing style

8. Serve pancakes with artificial syrup

9. Ask if they have more snowmobile dealerships than car dealerships

10. Tell them Justin Bieber is the only Canadian you have heard of