9 Facebook Habits That Need to Stop

There may not be official etiquette for Facebook but there are some posts that are slowly killing souls of normal people.


1.97% of people don’t stop to think about victims of cancer. Repost if you care’ posts

Even cancer survivors don’t post these things. Normal people who care donate money for cancer research.

2. Selfies. Particularly pouting selfies

Narcissism is fine. Reminding your friends of your narcissism 3 times a day is not. Normal people look in mirrors without reaching for their camera phone.

3. Tagging half your Facebook friends in a picture

There is 1 face in the picture. Why does it say you were with 50 people? Normal people don’t confuse the sky with faces.

4. Inviting people to your event halfway across the world

Your acquaintances from that drunken night in a Chicago bar are probably not going to fly to Auckland because you sent them a Facebook invite 48 hours in advance. Normal people read the names of people they are inviting to an event.

5. Posts along the lines of ‘I’m cleaning out my friends list. If I have not talked to you in 2 years I will delete you’

Everyone is entitled to decide who stays on their list. Nonetheless, normal people have the ability to click ‘unfriend’ without making a public declaration about it.

6. Endless app requests

Aside from your boss and family, there are very few people who mind if you play Candy Crush for 18 hours a day. Still, normal people are wishing you had a real life so you didn’t ask them for Candy Crush lives 7 times a day.

7. Unrelated comments on pictures

That’s nice of you to inquire about how things are going with your friend but what does this have to do with the picture they just posted of their dinner? Normal people know where to click to find the person’s Facebook wall or send a private message.

8. 20 posts in a row about the same thing

In a world of apathy it is truly wonderful that you care passionately about something. Nonetheless the repetitiveness of your posts are possibly making people care less rather than more. Normal people will hopefully find a tactful way to tell you to go easy on the rants.

9. Mundane posts about your plans for the day

Going to Peru is exciting. Going to work, then the gym and then back home probably isn’t going to interest anyone. Not even your mother. Normal people are wondering if they should highlight the word ‘pointless’ in your dictionary.