The Perils of Being a Female Shopper


Men have it a lot easier when it comes to clothing. They can wear a dress shirt to work, a wedding, a club or even to the park. Women cannot get away with this. Social norms dictate that we don different attire in all these situations.

In fact, if men wore the exact same clothes to every wedding they ever went to, nobody would be any the wiser. Unfortunately women are expected to wear a different outfit to each wedding. For women who love to shop I suppose this is not as much of a problem as it is a blessing.

Perhaps some men think we are lucky that we have so many styles of pants to choose from. I’d like to tell those men that choice is a myth. In the past few months, every single clothing store I’ve been to has only sold jeggings or skinny jeans. I dislike both and will have to wait until fashionable people decide that it’s time for trends to change before I can procure a pair of paints I like.

And then there are sizes. My size varies from an extra small to large, depending on the store. I’m sure the closest any man has ever come to this problem is finding out that a large pizza at Pizza Hut is a smidgen smaller than at Dominoes.

And don’t get me started on pockets. Most clothing for men comes with pockets. Women on the other hand usually have to choose between having no pockets, or decorative pockets that are not actually functional. Why do clothing manufacturers presume that we have nothing to carry?

Gentlemen, the next time you complain that women take so long to shop, remember that it’s because you have it so much easier than we do.