Who Says the Customer is the Boss?


Back when I worked in customer service, I was taught that the customer was always right. It didn’t matter if they were actually wrong, they were still right. For the last few years, I’ve solely been on the customer side of these interactions, and I can see that things have changed considerably.

I certainly appreciate when a waiter tells me that they personally think lamb chops are actually far superior to the lamb skewer that I happen to be ordering. However, I’d appreciate if they gave me the tip at the time of ordering, rather than choosing to surprise me with a serving of lamb chops 45 minutes later. I can concede that this would not be surprising at a fast food restaurant where, I’m presuming, little time is spent training staff on how to please customers. However, when this happens at a gourmet steakhouse, I can’t help but wonder why the waiter brought me menu in the first place.

It’s not just people in the food service industry that like to give ‘suggestions’. Taxi drivers also like to add their input. Not too long ago I had the pleasure of encountering a taxi driver who decided he didn’t like my choice of destination and wanted to drop me off at a metro station about 2 kilometres away. When I protested, he proceeded to inform me that I was mistaken about what was more convenient. It’s no wonder I appear indecisive when I actually have the opportunity for choice.