My Opinion on Opinions


There are some situations in which you will accept that someone has a different opinion from you, and there are some situations where you will do your best to convince someone else that they are in fact wrong, and that they should adopt your opinion.

If you tell me you think rugby is more interesting than tennis I will accept your opinion. If you tell me you think tomatoes are better than bacon, I will think you have poor taste but still accept your opinion. If you tell me women shouldn’t be allowed to vote, you better be prepared for the mother of all arguments.

I have two co-workers who both feel very strongly about the city of Dubai. One detests it. The other cannot understand how there is anybody who does not think it is the most magical place on Earth. I have to applaud his efforts to trying to solve the problems of our Dubai-hating co-worker.

“I hate living in the desert”
“Name one thing Dubai doesn’t have”
“Trees. I miss trees”
“Go live next to Safa park. There’s lots of trees there”
“People don’t smile much here. I miss having women smile at me”
“I’ll send an email to all the girls in the office asking them to smile at you”
“There are things you get in other countries that you don’t get here”
“Yes, but can you have a tiger as a pet in those countries?”