If you’re the waiter, why am I the one waiting?


I never understood why some restaurants prefer that their waiters memorize your order rather than write it down. Choosing to write or not write down my order or not doesn’t affect your tip. However, if you didn’t remember my request to hold the tomatoes, you will probably enjoy your tip just as much as I enjoyed my sandwich. Then again, with the service I’m used to, I will probably tip you handsomely for not ignoring me when I wildly wave my hands at you.

It feels like every time you tell a waiter you need a couple more minutes they disappear forever. You could throw bread sticks right at them and they still won’t glance in your direction. Perhaps fastfood restaurants are onto something by making you stand in line for your food. That being said, the fastfood restaurants I frequent are also popular with people who are not familiar with the concept of a queue.

Some restaurants are trying to use modern technology to get around the problem of waiters who refuse to make eye contact. I’ve been to 2 restaurants where you can press a button when you are ready to order. At the first restaurant I pressed the button 7 times before I realized it was not actually hooked up to anything. Once again I had to get the waiter’s attention the conventional way.

Pressing the button at the second restaurant, Yo Sushi, yielded different results. There was a loud siren and a flashing light in the middle of a restaurant. And just about every patron turned to stare at me. Since there was no waiter or waitress who was free, this went on for what felt like hours. I should point out that it was a restaurant with conveyor belt sushi, so that might be why nobody else used the button. Or perhaps other patrons prefer waiting 20 minutes for the bill rather than being made to feel like the are inside a police car. Maybe I should just stick to take out.