Has Childhood Fun Been Tossed Out the Window?


Children of today have iPods, computers and smartphones to keep them entertained. In my younger days we were forced to find cheaper means of entertainment. Activities like reading books or playing football. And if your parents weren’t around to stop you there was ringing door bells and running away, or drawing on dusty cars.

My buddy Colin always outdid me when it came to creative but free ways to have fun. He lived on the third floor of an apartment building with no elevator.  Some of the objects that left his home via the window included a television, guitar and bicycle. What started off as an alternative to taking out the trash ended up being a source of entertainment.

Soon he was tossing banana peels into other balconies just to see if someone would slip. And when Colin felt the neighbourhood boys were too loud, he would throw soapy water at them. Sound like a fun childhood? Well the fun didn’t quite end at childhood.

His roommate once interrupted a nostalgic discussion to tell me that Colin had recently thrown torn underwear out the window. And that Colin giggled uncontrollably when a bunch of horrified children stumbled upon it. I suppose old habits die hard. Not just Colin’s, but mine too. It’s been ten years since he moved out of his childhood home but I still look out for falling objects every time I walk by.