Does your company offer good company?


Given that I spend most of my waking hours alongside my co-workers, I’m quite thankful that they are a pleasant bunch to work with. Except when someone sings along to Taylor Swift. There is definitely no excuse for turning up the volume and belting out the words to ‘Trouble’.

I can’t help but hope HR will take me seriously and start asking about musical preferences at the interview. And while they are at it, they may as well ask potential candidates if they suffer from a heart condition. No, not because of the tone-deaf renditions of Taylor Swift, but because of the pranking culture. Having white powder planted in your bag followed by a surprise CID visit is not something you want to go through in a Middle Eastern country. It’s only slightly better than hearing Justin Bieber 46 times in one day.

I may not enjoy hearing my co-workers sing, but I do enjoy listening to the funny things they say, particularly when they are stressed. My personal favourites include “I am going to call up Google and have them delete Cairo off the map”, “Bring me back a large rock to throw at sales” and “Who does he think he is? Physics?”

Not to say that they aren’t funny when they aren’t stressed. The other day at lunch I heard someone say “My body is like a hospital for viruses.” As I was mulling over whether she meant viruses got stronger or cured, it finally dawned on me that she meant to say her body was hospitable to viruses.

Minutes later, glimsing at the seafood menu, someone else said “Hey do you think people eat starfish and horsefish?” Somehow I was the only person who hadn’t picked up that by horsefish he meant seahorses.

Chuckling, my co-workers turned to me and said “Write a blog post about us. Make us sound cool.” Well 1 out of 2 isn’t bad, right?