Was it God Who Let the Dogs Out?


Prayer works well for some, not so well for others, and a little too well for certain people. You are probably wondering how prayer can work too well. I wondered the same thing before I met my roommate. One morning I answered the impatient knocking on my bedroom door only to find her tightly clutching a puppy.

“Does he belong to a friend of yours?”
“No, he’s mine”
“When did you get him?”
“I prayed to God for a dog, opened the front door, and there he was”
“There’s a term for that. It’s called dognapping”
“Clearly you don’t understand the power of prayer”

While I don’t condone dog theft, I’ll admit I’m a sucker for cute puppies so I did want to play with him before forcing my roommate to give him back. The dog on the other hand was not particularly interested in playing with us. Frustrated by his lack of response to our words, my roommate angrily exclaimed that the dog was Chinese.

Spotting a phone number on the dog’s tag I called it, much to the dismay of my roommate. After the call I told her that the owner lived nearby and that the dog knew his way home, but made it a point to withhold the fact that the owner had a thick Chinese accent.

When my roommate opened the door, the dog began to run, turned around, looked at my roommate and then ran even faster. I was then informed that God would punish me for interfering with his plan. Personally I think a dognapping roommate who eats my chocolate is punishment enough.