7 University Courses I Wish I Had Taken

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20 Questions Indian People are Tired of Hearing

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Air France Tickets: A Perfect Gift for Your Enemies

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5 Reasons to Learn Spanish Before Visiting South America

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Why I Stopped Flying Air France

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You Know it is Ramadan in Dubai When…

Ramadan, the Muslim holy month, results in devout followers not consuming food or water from sunrise to sunset. In most countries people who are not Muslim are rarely aware when it’s Ramadan until… Continue reading

Conversations are Not Inflight Entertainment

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How to be Australian in 10 Easy Steps

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Why Key Chains are a Terrible Souvenir

I love getting gifts from other people’s travels. I really do. The trouble is that, more often than not, these gifts are key chains. I don’t know how many keys the average person… Continue reading

5 Inventions the World Needs

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The 2 Hour Princess Experience

There are 3 ways for a girl to become a princess: 1. Be a royal descendant 2. Marry a prince 3. Find a butler cafe in Japan Since I’m a little late for… Continue reading

Japanese Toilets for Dummies

While some developed nations focus on building bigger TVs or more energy-efficient vehicles, Japan has taken great strides in developing something that is useful to everyone: Toilets. Japan will forever hold a special… Continue reading